Inklings: Early February 2017

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When does an education begin, and when does it end? As human beings, we begin learning about the world God has given us the moment we’re born. By His grace, we keep learning until we draw our last breath. To be human is to be a lifelong learner.

At Oak Hill, we want to temper our learning with discernment, the ability to judge good and evil. That’s why our students read great stories, memorize Scripture, and master the art of learning with a teacher: We want them to be not just learning but learning for God’s glory and praise.

Reading and Thinking
I’ve been reading some interesting things lately, and I thought I’d pass them along!
Article: “Christianity without an Adjective.” K.A. Ellis in Christianity Today.
Books: Resilience, by Eric Greitens. I’ve recommended this book to everyone I can. It’s a powerful book, in the form of letters Greitens wrote to a friend in trouble. It’s philosophical and practical all at once.
The Most Important Place on Earth, by Robert Wolgemuth. A great and thoughtful–but very practical–guide to Christian practice at home.
Miscellaneous: Prufrock News. A daily dose of interesting things delivered to my inbox: How Lewis and Tolkien fell out; the beauty of topographical maps; and more. It’s nerdy at times, but Micah Mattix, the compiler always includes a picture and poem of the day.

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