Oak Hill uses a third party organization to determine a family’s eligibility for financial aid. Please contact the school office for more information.

Oak Hill provides financial assistance via three avenues: budget allocations, Arete Scholars Fund, and Apogee Scholarship Fund. 

Oak Hill Financial Aid

Oak Hill strives to provide at least a tithe (10%) of our operating budget each year as funds are available through financial assistance and discounts to families that are committed to educating their children at OHCS. To contribute to our financial aid fund, please visit Giving.

Arete Scholars Fund

In addition to in-house funds, Oak Hill partners with Arete Scholars Fund to offer significant scholarships to qualified applicants. For more information, and to download an Arete application, please visit aretescholars.org.

Apogee Scholarship Fund

A third source for scholarships is Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund. Apogee helps Georgia taxpayers redirect a portion of their tax dollars to help a school of their choice. Apogee directs more than 90% of the funds to school scholarships. To give to Oak Hill through Apogee, please visit apogee123.org.