At Oak Hill, we believe athletics play a vital role in a complete classical education. To that end, we have begun developing an athletics program that will grow with us.


We believe that our school serves the purpose of training not only the mind and the heart, but also the body, for as believers, we understand that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, at the heart of our athletic program lies a desire to see each student put iimg_6774nto practice Paul’s charge to the Colossians:  “And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” As such, we consider athletics at Oak Hill not extracurricular, a mere add-on, but cocurricular, an integral component of a classical Christian curriculum.

As a classical school, we appreciate our forebears’ insistence that athletic training play a central part of one’s education.  In Ancient Greece, educators trained their students in order to maintain physical fitness and to master various skills.  In medieval Europe, entire villages often competed against one another in an array of physical challenges and team competitions.  Throughout the ages, athletics has provided participants with a great opportunity for community and fellowship, as well as a demonstration of their God-given talents.

Students who are involved in athletics learn and have the opportunity to practice the virtues of discipline, honor, courage, self-control, servanthood, and unity with others.  They also learn how to win graciously and lose with the right perspective.  For those of us who have participated in team sports, we remember learning these important virtues on the court or on the field.  As we build a program that will glorify God and honor our community, we look forward to simg_6643eeing coaches, parents, faculty, and spectators encouraging our athletes in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

For students interested in participating in Oak Hill sports, we must have a current physical on file along with a signed liability waiver, transportation permission and signed handbook agreement form.  All can be found below:

 Oak Hill Athletics Handbook






transportation permission form (The last page must be signed by both parents and student-athlete and turned in with the other forms before the first practice.)


Statement of Faith (Homeschool athletes only)