The Value of Your Investment

Rarely in a lifetime are individuals in a position to invest in something as significant as a school. In this instance, it is an opportunity to invest in a school which aspires to recover the lost tools of learning. We know there are many worthy causes to which to commit your time and resources, but we ask that you would consider partnering with Oak Hill, both by investing prayerfully and financially.

Because Oak Hill Classical School is committed to providing the finest Classical Christian education possible, we believe we must:

  • Maintain small class size, a cornerstone of our method of education;
  • Provide significant, excellent and continual teacher training in classical and Christian pedagogy;
  • Hire and retain faculty of the highest caliber who love God, their subjects and their students, and who will willingly engage in lifelong learning;
  • Compensate faculty, staff and administration in a manner that reflects their expertise and dedication; and
  • Continually strive to improve our understanding of classical Christian education.

Meeting these goals requires financial resources beyond our tuition, which has been structured to cover the operational costs of the school. (See our Statement on Finances.)

Georgia Tuition Tax Credit — Apogee Scholarship

The Georgia Tax Credit for Private Schools program was created by the Georgia legislature in 2008. The program allows Georgia taxpayers who donate up to $2,500 (couples) or $1,000 (individuals) to private schools to receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit. Donors may designate a school to receive their donation. For more information on the program, visit the Department of Education Web site.

Donations are made to Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs), which then distribute the funds to partner schools. Oak Hill has elected to work with Apogee Scholarship Fund. The SSO program yielded nearly $50,000 for scholarships in 2015, enabling Oak Hill to assist a number of families with tuition costs. The process involves two steps: preapproval by the Department of Revenue, then the actual donation to our scholarship organization, Apogee Scholarship Fund.

For more information Oak Hill’s participation in this program, see the SSO FAQ.

  Gryphon Annual Fund

Our vision is that Oak Hill be built upon a sure foundation and be established as a generational reality extending the Kingdom of God. Proverbs 13:22 tells us that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Scripture always displays a generational view and so must we. This campaign is established to provide for the startup costs (staff, equipment, marketing materials, etc.) that typically exceed tuition receipts in the early years of a new school. Having a sufficient balance in this fund will ensure Oak Hill avoids survival mode and will give our headmaster and staff confidence that our families have a commitment to the long-term future of Oak Hill.

Deep Roots, Strong Branches Campaign

Our desire is to develop and build a long-term active presence in the community we serve. This is best accomplished with a permanent campus. While we moved into phase one of our permanent home in the fall of 2016, we continue to look forward to expanding our campus not far from our current location. For more information about the Deep Roots, Strong Branches Campaign, contact the school:

Tuition Assistance Fund

Scripture admonishes us to care for those in need. In the spirit of this admonition, we seek to develop a tuition assistance fund for families that desire to have their children attend Oak Hill but have limited financial resources. Our goal is to provide a tithe (10%) of our annual budget as financial assistance each year.

Corporate Matching Programs

Many employers will match your charitable gifts, meaning your gifts are worth even more. If your company or firm has a matching gifts program, ask your personnel office for the form to enclose with your check. Oak Hill has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Georgia and is recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with the IRS. All donations to Oak Hill Classical School are tax-deductible as defined by the IRS. If you would like to assist Oak Hill financially, please contact us. You may send your gift to Oak Hill Classical School, P.O. Box 744, Dacula, GA 30019.